The young face of stollen baking – the Dresden Stollen Girl

A love for baking, keeping up tradition and setting her hand to her craft with a passion: those are the virtues that make a Dresden Stollen Girl. Every year since 1995, the 130 bakers and pastry makers in the Dresden Stollen Association (Schutzverband Dresdner Stollen e.V.) have chosen a trainee from their ranks to be the Dresden Stollen Girl, entrusted with representing what must be Dresden's most famous brand name all around the world.

The trainee bakers, pastry makers and sales specialists from the Vocational Training Centre for Agriculture and Nutrition (BSZ) have their knowledge tested in front of a panel of Dresden pastry makers and bakers.

The young girl remains in the office of Dresden Stollen Girl for one year. During the stollen season, in particular, she is in the public eye for roughly three months, is photographed thousands of times and answers just as many questions. Every year, the Stollen Girl announces the start of the baking of the giant stollen and opens the Dresdner Stollenfest as its patron.

Marie Lassig – 22th Dresden Stollen Girl

In this year, the choice fell on Marie Lassig. During the 2016/17 stollen season, the twenty-one-year-old, currently training as a pastry cook at the Dresdner Backhaus, will be taking on the proud task of representing Dresdner Christstollen and Dresden's stollen-baking trade. 
Marie will now be travelling Germany and Europe for one stollen season on behalf of the Stollen Association, will be photographed thousands of times and will answer just as many questions – with the aim of making the product and its centuries-old baking tradition even more well-known. On 3 December she will also be opening the Dresden Stollen Festival as the event's patron. The stollen bakers traditionally hold this festival on the eve of the second Sunday of Advent.
On the days when Marie is not out and about as the Stollen Girl, she will still be working in the bakery with her co-workers, or at college for the second year of her course at Dresden Vocational School Centre for Agriculture and Nutrition.